Wildlife Exemption

The “Wildlife Exemption”

Although many professionals and private landowners use the terms “wildlife exemption” or “wildlife tax exemption” there is, unfortunately, no such thing as an agricultural “exemption” in Texas. Land maintained under a wildlife tax valuation is not exempted from taxes, but rather taxed on a different scale than residential or commercial properties. This is called an agricultural valuation, or an ag tax valuation. The agricultural appraisal is based on the productivity value of the land, rather than the market value. Every landowner has to pay property taxes, but not at the same rate.

Wildlife Valuation Factor: The 7 Year Cycle

Agricultural appraisal is based upon a seven year cycle. During this cycle,the land may lie fallow (rested) for a period of two years. Since this cycle does not start over when a new buyer purchases the land, it’s always a good idea to know exactly where the property is in this cycle prior to purchase. The wildlife management tax valuation use is not a separate, or an additional appraisal for property, but rather it is another agricultural practice that can be used to maintain a 1-d-1 tax valuation on a property.